Freezer Thermal Labels

Freezer Thermal Labels

Use freezer freezer thermal labels when applying to an already frozen item. Therefore, this adhesive is perfect for frozen foods. The colder the temperature gets the stronger the bond will become. Apply to items as low as -20° F. Once applied the service temperature is -65° F to 200° F.


Choose between direct thermal and thermal transfer labels. Direct thermal labels do not require a ribbon or ink. As a result, these labels are easy to use and cost effective. They are perfect for indoor use. Use thermal transfer labels when extra durability is required. These will not fade or smear. Choose paper thermal transfer for indoor use and poly thermal transfer for outdoor exposure.

Countless shapes and sizes available. Contact us if the item you need is not listed.

Standard colors include white, yellow, blue, green, orange, red, pink, tan, grey and lavender. Use the Pantone PMS color chart to find custom colors.

Use the core size required by your printer, such as 3/4 inch, 1 inch, or 3 inch.

Add a preprinted color logo, text or image at very reasonable prices.

How to Buy Freezer Thermal Labels

Choose a category below based on your thermal printer. Search through the product listing or use filters to narrow down results. Be sure to select standard or ultra removable! Contact us with questions or to request a free sample.

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