Matte Inkjet Paper

Matte Inkjet Paper Labels

Buy matte paper inkjet labels for Primera and Epson printers.

Made with top quality label materials from Avery. As a result, we offer reliable labels at a low price.

Enjoy the bright white finish where printed text and logos pop! Insert labels and print with ease. Strong permanent adhesive sticks well to corrugated, plastic, and more.

Consider environmental conditions before and after application. For example, these labels are not designed for use outdoors. Also, use our freezer adhesive on already frozen products.

Choose polypropylene inkjet labels for extra durability and resistance to moisture. Also, glossy paper inkjet labels are available.

Applications include product identification, barcoding, medical labeling, price tags, and more.

Made in the USA, BPA free, and RoHS compliant.

Contact us with questions regarding a specific application or material. Request a free sample for testing.

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Showing 1–16 of 49 results