UL Recognized Labels

UL Recognized Labels

What is a UL Recognized Label?

A UL recognized label can pass quality and durability testing by Underwriters Laboratories. You can have your labels printed for you. However, to save money you can print your own labels with the use of a thermal printer.

Print UL Recognized Labels

Printing your own UL recognized labels can be easy with the use of a thermal transfer printer. These are printers that produce images with heat instead of ink. An example of a thermal transfer printer would be a Zebra or Brady printer, but there are many more. Use a combination of a thermal transfer label material and thermal ribbon that has already passed testing by UL. Discount Thermal Labels provides 3M’s 7816 Polyester Thermal Transfer and DNP’s R300 Resin Ribbon.  These materials are listed under UL file MH16411 as able to produce UL recognized labels. We also offer other UL recognized material options. However, this combination has proven to be the most cost efficient.

If a UL inspector visits your plant, he or she will be pleased to see that you are using 3M 7816 polyester and DNP R300 resin to make your labels. At Discount Thermal Labels we will mark each roll of labels and ribbons with the material that was used during production. We also keep records that show when those labels and ribbons were produced. Finally, we keep traceability logs to prove to our UL inspector that we are using the materials that we advertise.

Buy Labels and Ribbons

View our most popular UL recognized labels and ribbons at the links below. Contact us with any questions, to request free samples, or to discuss alternate materials and sizes.

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UL Recognized Thermal Labels

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