Standard Permanent

Permanent Thermal Labels offers permanent thermal label materials from Mactac, Green Bay, 3M, and Avery. As a result, we can offer reliable labels at a low price and meet the needs of our customers.

Use our permanent thermal labels in printers such as Dymo, Zebra, Monarch, Sato, Rollow, Datamax, and more. These adhesives are considered general purpose permanents. However, some perform better on cardboard while others form a stronger bond with plastics and metals.

Be sure to consider temperature before and after application. For example, when applied to a product at room temperature a permanent label will perform well in a refrigerator or freezer. As a result, a more expensive freezer adhesive is not necessary.

Applications include shipping labels, product identification, barcoding, medical labeling, inventory labels, price tags, name tags, ID badges, and more.

For rough and dirty surfaces consider our extra aggressive adhesive.

Contact us with questions regarding a specific application or adhesive. Request a free sample for testing.