Thermal Transfer Labels

Thermal Transfer Labels

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Thermal Transfer Labels vs. Direct Thermal Labels

  • Use thermal transfer labels for long term identification, such as years. Images are made when wax or resin from a thermal ribbon is transferred to the face of the label. These ribbons are the “ink” when printing thermal transfer labels. Use wax ribbons for paper labels and resin for poly labels. Create durable images that will not fade. For outdoor use choose poly labels instead of paper. Choose between more face material, adhesive, and color options when using thermal transfer labels.
  • Use direct thermal labels for short term identification, such as days, weeks, or months. Images are created with a chemical reaction that is sensitive to exposure to light, heat, and humidity. Therefore, these labels may fade in higher temperatures or with exposure to the sun. Do not use for long term outdoor use. Save time and money by not needing ink or toner. However, be sure to only use indoors or for short term outdoor use, such as shipping labels. Also, poor quality color direct thermal labels can damage the thermal printhead. As a result, be sure to order color labels that are made with an ink that can withstand high temperatures.


  • Standard Colors include yellow, blue, green, orange, red, pink, tan, grey and lavender.
  • Use the Pantone PMS color chart to find custom colors for thermal transfer labels.
  • Choose an adhesive to meet the needs of any application, such as permanent, extra aggressive, removable, ultra removable and freezer grade.
  • Select from many face material options, such as standard paper, waterproof matte poly or UL recognized polyester.
  • Add a preprinted color logo, text or image at very reasonable prices.

Uses for Thermal Transfer Labels

  • Shipping Labels
  • Address Labels
  • Barcode Labels
  • Inventory Labels
  • Product Tracking Labels
  • Name Tags or Badges
  • Nutritional Labels
  • UL Recognized Labels
  • Serial Number Labels